Why You Have To Quit Drinking Alcohol and How

Do you still love alcohol? If you do, then maybe you’re not ready to quit drinking alcohol. If you hate alcohol, you stand a good chance of beating alcohol abuse.

What’s important here is that alcoholics look at alcohol straight in the face and learn to hate it in every way possible.

Can you do that? Can you HATE ALCOHOL?

Consider if you absolutely hate someone, you certainly don’t want them around, right? Well then, if you absolutely hate alcohol, then getting it out of your life would be easier, wouldn’t it?

quit drinking alcohol

Tips on How to Hate Alcohol And Get It Out Of Your Life Forever

Think of it as a person who actually put you through hell – someone you loved but treated you so badly. Think of the investment you made as you loved them, but all they ever did was hurt you. Look at yourself now and be honest – has alcohol left you brokenhearted? If so, then move on. Get that nastiness out of your life once and for all. Look at alcohol honestly and see how much harm it’s done to you and your loved ones. If you’re like most alcoholics, you probably have a lot of horrible memories. It might’ve started off being fun, but look at what it’s done to you.

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The Important Thing Is to Be Honest

Look at¬† where it has led you, and where it’s continuing to lead you. If you focus on these things, it won’t take long before you begin to hate alcohol and search for ways to achieve sobriety.

Keep the Bad Memories Fresh in Your Mind

Don’t let go of them yet, because you need them to help you get through this. You need to remember how bad alcohol is so that you can be set free from it. Keep remembering how it has destroyed your friendships, relationships, your career, your dreams.

Don’t forget that it’s not over yet. It is continuing to drag you down. It offers nothing good to you. Try to remember who you were and what your goals and aspirations were. Look at what every drink has done to you physically, mentally, emotionally, and how it has spread to everyone that was in your life. It’s still not over and it’s continuing to destroy you until you realize how much you hate it. Why do you still allow it to ruin your life? So, there might be a rough patch to stop drinking, but the benefits are incredible.

Look at Your Alcoholic Friends

Surely you know someone, at least one person, whose life was destroyed completely because of drinking alcohol. Don’t they look older? Do they have a great relationship, a loved one who will stand by them no matter what? Did alcoholism cause them to break up their family, possibly lose their home? Have they had legal troubles?

Look at alcohol honestly and you’ll see that when you have a dependency on alcohol, you’ve lost control and the bottle controls you and everything that happens in your life. In most of the time, it’s all bad.

Kick It Out Of Your Life before It Kicks the Life Out Of You

  • Do you LIKE your life?
  • Are you sick of the lifestyle you’ve created that involves alcohol in every aspect?
  • Aren’t you at the point where you can say you’ve had enough?
  • Stop feeling bad the next day.
  • Stop feeling bad about what you said or what you did.
  • Stop questioning what you might have said or done.
  • Change is the only thing that matters.
  • Alcohol is like that toxic person in your life who just keeps bringing you down and causing you grief. Just like you would get rid of that toxic person, you need to get rid of alcohol.

See Alcohol for What It Really Is

Stop fooling yourself into thinking that alcohol brought you happiness. There might have been some times where you had a good time and alcohol was in the picture, but likely only a few. You need to redirect your focus to all the bad things it brought to your life so that you can quit drinking alcohol.

Keep reminding yourself why booze has no place in your life.

Remind yourself of all the bad things that have happened as a result of drinking. For you, alcohol is evil. Don’t be fooled by it ever again because it will never bring you happiness. But you already know that now, don’t you? End your relationship with alcohol just as you ended personal relationships that brought you a lot of pain and grief. Kick out alcohol before it kicks the life out of you!

You’re worth it! And, you CAN live without alcohol!

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