Understanding the Trials about Quitting Alcohol

Quitting alcohol is hard and no one’s gonna take that away from you, but do you ever wonder what the hardest part about it really is?

For most people, it’s questioning the lengths you have to go to to take control of your life and your drinking. There are so many changes that will have to be made, and many ask themselves exactly how many they have to make.

quitting alcohol

The majority of alcoholics pretty much understand that, at some point, they are being controlled and destroyed by alcohol. There is virtually no part of your life that won’t be affected by alcoholism. When you become an alcoholic, every part of your life is affected from the way you look and feel physically to every personal relationship you’ve ever had. And it goes on to affect your career and your finances.

The damage caused by alcoholism spares nothing and no one. The deeper you fall into the drinking trap, the worse everything gets.

For many, the signs are unnoticed at first. Most have to hit rock bottom to realize that they must do something to bring about some positive change. They just get to the point that they can’t take it any longer, they can’t stand feeling so awful and so tired all the time. But, they often hit a wall because they don’t know what they should do and what they should change in order to bring about positive results.

So, Do You Quit Entirely or Just Reduce the Amount You Drink?

Many can’t function without their fix, but their fix is what makes them broken.

Few will ever have the willpower to just reduce their alcohol consumption. Most will have to put an end to drinking entirely. But it’s a personal thing – a personal question to ask oneself. Whatever you decide, be sure to be honest with yourself.

Do you think that you can just have a couple of drinks and stop there? Perhaps you’re just someone who will drink themselves into a stupor and stop simply because you’ve fallen asleep. We suggest taking a small break from drinking. This way you can see a little clearer by giving yourself enough time without having a drink.

Remember that if you’ve been drinking for a long time you’ve developed a tolerance to alcohol and it will take several drinks before you actually feel drunk.

Haven’t you noticed that over time you just needed more drinks to cop a buzz? While an occasional drinker may feel the effects of alcohol after one or two drinks, these won’t have any effect on you. So, you’re going to need to detox to be completely honest with yourself.

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Can you go a month without a drink?

It seems like a long time and it probably sounds really scary. But, if you do detox for a month, then you might find that you’ll be able to have one or two drinks and experience that buzz.

Convince yourself that you can go a month without drinking. In doing so, you might find yourself more in control of every aspect in your life. It’s a good beginning.

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