Alcohol Has Nothing to Give – Stop Drinking Now!

Have you ever asked yourself what alcohol gives you? The first time I considered it was years ago when my good friend decided to stop drinking. He managed to quit four years before I even thought about it.

My friend had been a pretty heavy drinker the whole time we had known each other, so I was shocked by his decision. Curious to know his reasoning, I asked him why he was quitting. He gave me a simple reply, saying, ‘What is alcohol giving me?’ Honestly, I didn’t relate to what he said in that moment, but not that it has deep meaning.

Alcohol is only a Liability

Obviously, I knew from the list of reasons that quitting alcohol was a good choice, but I truly never thought much about what I was taking back from alcohol. There definitely aren’t any concrete benefits, actually the habit had cost me a lot of energy, time, and money, of course.

I sat on the idea for a bit and finally realized that the only thing I personally got from drinking alcohol was the feeling of being more outgoing. That led to me feeling socially approved and accepted. Naturally, I’m shy, and I’ve always struggled to make friends easily. Whenever I was drinking, I became more open to the inserting myself in social situations. The more I drank, the more engaged I was in my surroundings.

As would be expected, the shift to extroversion brought on by alcohol did not come without consequence. Not only had I lost valuable time that I could never get back, but I also wasted so much money on alcohol over the years. I even noticed the effects in my health, I found myself 30 pounds heavier and dealing with various physical issues like stomach aches. I needed an afternoon nap just to make it through each day!

Enough about me, though, what is alcohol giving you? It’s probably not the buzz, since that fades a time passes, and it’s definitely not extra time! Recovering alcoholics seem to agree that lost time is one of the worst consequence of their addiction.

So, what are you getting from alcohol? Unless you’re a drink distributor, you’re probably not making any money off it. Reflect on your drinking history, right back to the beginning, and imagine what you could have done with all the money you spent on alcohol.

By no means is alcohol giving you an improved bill of health! Alcohol affects every cell in your body, which means that the damage accumulates all over. You know what I’m talking about. The fairly regular stomach aches and pains are not something to be ignored. Your body is trying to reach out to you and say that you need to stop drinking. Listen to your body’s messages before the point of no return.

You Get Nothing of Value from Alcohol

Weigh the pros and cons, seriously, on a piece of paper. You will see that anything you believe alcohol ‘gives’ you is heavily outweighed by the negatives like wasted time and money, and worsened health. Re-frame your reality and remember that nothing alcohol gives you is positive. The good you’re searching for cannot be found at the bottom of a bottle.

stop drinking

Visualize your relationship with alcohol as a marriage. You would have already gotten a divorce! You make all the compromises and alcohol gives you nothing. So, take a deep breath and take the step today. Let go of your relationship with alcohol and see how much better you feel.

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