Is It True That Alcoholism Is a Disease? Let’s Be Honest

Don’t play into the idea that so many others do believing that alcoholism is a disease. A drinking problem is a drinking problem, so don’t make any excuses for it. If it makes you feel better, you can convince yourself that you have this horrible medical condition. But in essence, it’s just a way for you to deal with your own alcoholism and not taking any responsibility for it.

Many like to say that they are alcoholics because alcoholism ran and their families. We’ve known of many alcoholics whose parents were not alcoholics. It’s not in your DNA like some other medical condition.

The truth is, alcoholism is not really a disease because it is in your control. Calling it a disease is just you justifying your addiction. You are NOT powerless and you CAN take control of what you consume and do to your body and with your body.

Excuses Are Just Excuses

While many believe that alcoholism is a disease, don’t use it as an excuse because you will always hide behind it. If you really want to deal with your problem, you have to be open and realistic about it. The truth is, you can beat alcoholism if you’re willing to change your habits.

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It requires an abundance of dedication and willpower, and it’s possible if you’re willing to do it. But, you must be willing to change your every day lifestyle and habits.

In order for an addiction to be beaten, a person has to have a real reason. Perhaps it’s to get your life back on track, to succeed in your career, or to get your family and loved ones back in your life.

alcoholism is a disease

If you lost your kids because of alcoholism, you can find a way back in to their lives if you want to. It’s important to understand that you need an objective that will move you in the right direction to get and to stay sober.

So, we ask the question: can we define alcoholism as a disease? We can because some people say it is, but we won’t because WE know it’s not.

We know that all it requires is a change in attitude, to change a bad habit into a good one. A disease can’t be beaten that way. Any bad habit can be broken and replaced with a good one, so you can take control of your life and break this bad habit.

How do you go about it? Commitment! Change your daily habits! It all starts from there.

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